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Travel eXpresso is inspiring online booking software-as-a-service solution that gives your company a competitive edge by making it easy to keep track of all aspects of your travel business: manage inventory of direct contracts with suppliers, aggregate travel offers from GDSs and other multiple suppliers, sell them via preferred distribution channels and accept payments online. Being a true multi-tenant online travel booking system, Travel eXpresso lets you manage business anytime from anywhere.

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60 + Travel Suppliers Available For XML Connection

Travel eXpresso allows to raise your partnership with contracted 3rd party travel service suppliers to a qualitatively new level. Get connected to suppliers via XML search, compare and book travel offers online  in a single interface. For more than 14 years GP specialists performed technical connectivity to more than 50 international travel suppliers including GDSs and world key travel content providers as Galileo, Amadeus, GTA, Hotelbeds, Miki, Travco, Tourico and others.


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